Introducing Vol. 42 Issue 2

"Grateful to be included along with such great writing. A number of the pieces really touched me and continue to resonate."

Brian Braganza, Featured Author in Issue 39.1

Spring/Summer 2023

This collection of submissions challenges traditional storytelling; each piece threatens boundaries of literary expression—and some jump clear of the boundaries, and threaten their audience instead. 

In this issue, a continuum of experience surges and swells to encompass stories of endless grief and snapshot joy. Volume 42.2 of Existere pulls you back in time to explore generations of knowing and unknowing—to wonder at what is inherited and what can be left behind.

Our release features beautiful artwork by Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky and Richard Hanus!

Issue 42.2 presents new fiction, non-fiction, and poetry pieces by Marcel Goh, Hei Gou, Jason Graff, Katherine Alexandra Harvey, Josiah Nelson, Paz O’Farrell, Olivia Van Guinn, Ava Van Wart, Brian Braganza, Shallin Chong, m., Adam Day, Hollie Dugas, Kit Roffey, and Claudia Serea! 

We thank all the talented and devoted individuals who helped make this issue possible.

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