Existere Vol. 39 Issue 2

Our editorial team has worked passionately to bring you the newest issue of Existere — Journal of Arts & Literature. We introduce you to The Spring/Summer Volume 39 Issue 2.

Issue 39.2 depicts the bleak thoughts we develop in our minds. The environment shifts gradually as the images we develop clash with our inner emotions. In what ways do we cling to temporary things to feed our loneliness? What happens when our anxiety, repressed memory, and longing become the center of our creative work? This issue engages you, our reader, with the imagery of survival, struggle, and acceptance.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic placing us in these unprecedented times, our editorial team is pleased to present our readers with our new issue. As we are now shifting to a completely online setting, we are working to adapt to the new situation.

We thank all the talented and devoted individuals who helped make this issue possible. We hope you are able to immerse and visualize your own survival story as you read on.