Existere Volume 37 Issue 2

A story is never one-sided. There will always be other perspectives, other points of view, that someone can take—and why shouldn’t we? Using these different perspectives helps us observe, understand and learn from our experiences—they help us grow. Putting forth the effort to take on these points of view sparked Existere’s Volume 37 Issue 2.

From trying on your mother’s clothes to embracing some neon green runners to talking loudly about important subjects on a bus, accepting different perspectives can open your eyes to the world around you. From the relationship between a parent and child in Sandy Green’s “Confluence” to the philosophical questions in Richard Brostoff’s “Last Thoughts,” taking on new perspectives pushes you to look at a situation in a new light. From dirty coffee mugs in Sean Callaghan’s “Banyan Trees” to a janitorial job in Jeanette Vo’s “Moving On,” introducing various perspectives generally prevents you from falling into single-narrative traps. From the left-foot, right-foot binary in Mike Ekunno’s “The Unlikely Benefits of Walking” torunning against a legendary miler in Harvey Mitro’s “The Arrival,” incorporating new perspectives in your life takes time and effort, but its reward is worth it.

Orchestrating and organizing this edition was propelled by these goals. We want our readers to strive towards taking on new perspectives so that they can begin to see the world through new eyes. As our front cover demonstrates, things aren’t always as they seem. With this edition, we invite you to look beyond the surface and discover a new outlook alongside us.

Writers in order of appearance:

Leyli Salayeva
Sandy Green
Marie-Andrée Auclair
Matthew James Babcock
Sean Callaghan
Geza Tatrallyay
Daniel McKay
Paula Kienapple-Summers
Tom Stock-Hendel
Harvey Mitro
Eleanore Lee
Mike Ekunno
Richard Brostoff
Jeanette Vo
Kirsten Cameron
Alessio Zanelli
Terry McDermott

Artists in order of appearance:

Ann-Marie Brown — Portfolio
Pat Tompkins — Portfolio
Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier — Portfolio & Cover Art


Lauren Dick

Reviews in order of appearance:

Review of Emily R. Austin’s Oh Honey by Madelaine Pries
Review of Wendy McGrath’s a Revision of Forward by Evan J. Hoskins

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