Existere Vol. 39 Issue 1

"Grateful to be included along with such great writing. A number of the pieces really touched me and continue to resonate."

Brian Braganza, Featured Author in Issue 39.1

Over the past several months, our editorial team has worked passionately to bring you the Fall 2019/Winter 2020 issue of Existere — Journal of Arts & Literature. This is the first issue in three years to be published in print, and we are thrilled to be sharing words and art from such a talented selection of contributors.

Issue 39.1 delves into difficult endings, beginnings, and in-betweens, and the clouded light that exists within them. Despite differences in tone, story, and style, the pieces come together to convey honesty, tension, vivid images and movement through a thematic landscape of life and hope.

The individuals who are part of this issue gifted us with exceptional work, each piece seamlessly weaving itself into a larger story. We are so pleased and excited to be sharing the journey of our magazine’s re-emergence with our readers. We hope each of you takes the time to immerse yourself in the story this issue creates.

EXISTERE Vol 39.1 is now free!

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are now offering free copies of Volume 39 Issue 1.